In Madagascar Car Rental, hire only with driver from 7:00 to 7:00 p.m.. Our vehicles are not entitled to drive at night for your safety except in exceptional circumstances. Insurance transported people included. Unlimited mileage, 20% VAT included.
• About the driver:
Meals and accommodation for driver are included in the rental price
• Fuel:
Fuel charged to the client. Vehicle comes with a full tank at the start of the lease and return the same conditions return.
• lift and descent of the vehicle:
All vehicles must be returned to its starting point. Downhill ski or unladen are charged according to the following scale: Fianarantsoa (1 day), Tulear (2 days), Tamatave (1 day), Morondava (2 days) Fort Dauphin (3 days).
• Replacement of vehicle in case of failure:
In case of failure, Madagascar rental car travel is committed to providing a replacement vehicle within 24 to 72 hours depending on the location of the vehicle. Rental days lost will be refunded.
• Reservation:
Possibility to book in advance at an 30% deposit
• Regulations:
The total amount of the invoice shall be rectified before departure. Euros in cash or Ar during the day – Bank