Arrival  to Antanarivo. Transfer to the hotel for overnight.

Hotel : Shangai

 Day 2 : Tana —– Andasibe

Drive to Andasibe in the morning and you enjoy the beauty of the forest at the Analamazaotra forest where you can spot the Indri-Indri, grey bamboo lemurs, brown lemurs, woolly lemur (avahi), mouse lemur and greater dwarf lemur (they are nocturnal lemur). Night walk

Hotel : Feon’ny Ala

Day 3 : Andasibe

Visit at the Analamazaotra forest in the morning to enjoy the wildlife and the private park of Vakona (island of lemurs) in the afternoon where you can play with lemur ( they can jump on your shoulder)

Hotel Feon’ny Ala.

Day 4 : Andasibe —– Antsirabe

Drive from Andasibe to Antsirabe , on the way , you make a stop at the reptile reserve where you are allowed to see different spicies of chameleons , geckos , snikes , frogs and crocodiles and continue to Antsirabe . You appreciate the spectacular view of the high plateau and daily life of the local people , how do they make money for their daily life and you can spot also the traditional tomb of the Merina tribe                                                                                                                                               Hotel : Antsirabe


Day 5 : Antsirabe —– Miandrivazo

Go shopping in the morning for the river trip in the morning before driving to Miandrivazo . Enjoy the landscape and the view on the way                                                                                   Hotel : Rasalimo.


Day 6 : River
First day on the river . We start early in the morning the river to see birds , chameleons, fisherman and enjoy the landscape with dugout canoe , we have picnic lunch
We get the gorge where we camp for a night and have dinner with candles on the river bank , you enjoy the stars or moonlight

Day 7 : River
Second day on the river , after having breakfast , we start paddling to explore the gorge where you might spot the lemurs and birds . You swim in the waterfall and lemur watching . Paddling from the waterfall to the camp site for night on the bank sand . Diner on the bank sand with candle , appreciate the beautiful sunset and stars or moonlight

Day 8 : River – Antsiraraka – Belo sur Tsiribihina (off road)
Third day last day on the river ,  see the flying fox , birds , and we might see the crocodiles. lemur watching in the forest . .we pass through the second gorge and the end of the river trip . We take the zebu cart to go to Antsiraraka to get  our 4WD and then drive to Belo ( about 40 Km off road) . We take ferry boat to cross the Tsiribihina river
Overnight in the hotel

Day 9 : Belo sur Tsiribihina – Bekopaka   (off road)
We start driving in the morning to go to the Tsingy , you appreciate the baobab trees on the way , we take the second ferry boat to cross Manambolo river . We start the visit at the small Tsingy where you appreciate the wildlife and the view of the Tsingy
Overnight at the hotel Tana Ankoay

10 : Tsingy
Explore on the gorge of Manambolo to see the vazimba tomb (our ancestor) by dugout canoe in the morning and we drive from the village to the big tsingy on the off road (15Km) .Full day visit of the big tsingy . we combine two different sites to discover the beauty of the tsingy (limb stone) have 30 meters high crack and its wildlife which stay in the forest’s canyon , you enjoy how beautiful is tsingy , we have picnic lunch .
Overnight at the hotel Tana Ankoay

Day 11 : Tsingy —- Kirindy

We start driving back to Belo sur Tsirbihina and continue to Kirindy forest . Night walk at the Kirindy forest                                                                                                                                             Hotel : Kirindy lodge.


Day 12 : Kirindy —- Baobab avenue —- Morondava

Visit at the Kirindy forest in the morning and drive to the lover baobab and then enjoy the sunset on the baobab avenue and continue to Morondava
Hotel : Morondava beach


Day 13 : Morondava —- Antsirabe

Drive back to Antsirabe early in the morning

Hotel : Antsirabe


Day 14 : Antsirabe — Ranomafana                                                                                         We shall leave Antsirabe in the morning to go to Ranomafana 260 km ( 7 hours to drive) passing through Ambositra the capital of wood carving . We shall have look the factory of sculpture before having lunch in Ambositra and continue to Ranomafana National Park in afternoon . We shall enjoy the landscape and take photos . After checking the hotel we shall  meet the local guide for nocturnal visit along the road.
Hotel: Manja


Day 15 : Ranomafana – Fianarantsoa

We shall drive to the gate of the national park for the morning visit  where you might see birds, chameleon, and red fronted brown lemurs, bamboo lemurs, red-bellied lemurs, greater bamboo lemurs, golden bamboo lemurs, diademed sifaka, milne- Edward’s sifaka . The visit at the park will take 3 to 5 hours but we will have a local guide to lead us , The trial is improved but up and down

Hotel: Mahamanina


Day 16 : Fianarantsoa-Ambalavao-Isalo

Drive from Fianarantsoa to Isalo 277 km (5 hours to drive) passing through Ambalavao. Fianarantsoa is the capital of betsileo tribe where you can enjoy the nice view of the town from the top. Visit of the oldest church in the town and then go to Ambalavao where there is the wine factory, Antehimoro’s paper and silk factories. Before leaving Ambalavao, we shall make a visit of this old village and the Antemoro’s paper factory and the silk factory and then the 2nd biggest zebu market in Madagascar (on Wednesday only) by car or on foot. After 13 km from Ambalavao on the way to go to Ranohira, we shall visit the local reserve of Anja where you can find the ring-tailed lemurs in a dry forest, this visit will take 1 hour , it’ s a small area and after having lunch we shall drive  to Isalo and enjoy the landscape .
Hotel: Orchide


Day 17: Isalo

We shall start the visit of Isalo at 7 in the morning and the driver will drop you off to the car parking of the natural swimming- pool and pick you up to the parking of the water fall in the afternoon .We shall combine two different sites to visit Isalo , natural swimming pool and water fall (loop tour)  After driving we shall continue on foot up to the natural pool , it will take 2hours to walk step by step ; the trail is good(300m is up and after flat to the pool) and then from the  natural pool down to the water fall is 5 hours to walk with the breaks and photos and have the picnic lunch at the cascade place , in the afternoon we shall enjoy the canyon of the cascade and the black and the blue pool . They will appreciate the beauty of Isalo with the spectacular view of sand stone mountains and the wildlife like lemurs (sifaka, brown lemur, and ring-tailed).
Hotel: Orchide


Day 18: Isalo – Tulear – Ifaty

We shall start driving to Toliary , but on the way we shall visit the Zombitse national park to see the baobab trees and enjoy the wildlife . They will appreciate the landscape and meet the local people and visit of the arboretum Antsokay where you can see the different type of plants in the south part of the country and then continue to Ifaty passing through Toliary

Hotel: Mangily


Day 19: Ifaty

Visit at the spiny forest in the morning and relax on the beach

Hotel : Mangily


Day 20: Ifaty

Beach activities

Hotel : Mangily


Day 21: Ifaty – Tana (by flight)

Transfer from Ifaty to the airport and fly back to Tana . A car will pick them up at the airport and drive to the hotel

Hotel : Shangai


Day 22: Tana

Tour around Tana to the Queen and King’s palaces and the nice view of the town and then go shopping to the famous craft market for souvenir and transfer to the airport

Here is the price for one person : 3040 Euros

Includes :

  • Car and petrol during the trip
  • Driver guide and his needs (it’s me)
  • 4WD and petrol with driver to go to the tsingy
  • Dugout canoe and boatman on the Tsiribihina river
  • Your personal guide on the river and to the Tsingy ( it’s me)
  • Fullboard during the river trip on Tsiribihina
  • Camping gear during the river trip
  • Boat trip on Manambolo river to the Tsingy
  • All national park and local guide fees
  • All reserves and local guide fees
  • Hotel and breakfast for 19 nights in Mid range
  • Ferry boat on the way to go to the Tsingy
  • Taxes

Excludes :

  • Your food and drinks out of the Tsiribihina river trip
  • All ticket flight
  • Your own activities
  • All the things do not mention in the included